I can’t know if my gift is real without other people

I can’t know if my gift is real without other people

One of the strangest and most hilarious aspects of being psychic is that I can’t know if what I’m doing is real without other people’s feedback. It’s a lot like being an artist in that respect: as an artist, you don’t know if you’re reaching people emotionally unless they tell you they were moved. Now, you might be the type of artist who’s indifferent in that regard, and administers your work with a sort of take-it-or-leave-it attitude – and that’s fine. But as a psychic, the take-it-or-leave-it approach doesn’t really play. I can’t just sit there making calls that aren’t true. The only way I ultimately know if they’re true is if you tell me they are.

In the case of predictions, the truth will come down the road. In the case of present-tense calls, I’ll find out on the spot. But the key is, I can’t know until you tell me. Isn’t that insane? I mean, I have spirit guides near my right ear, feeding me information, but until the information is verified by the party to whom it’s relevant, it’s sheer nonsense.

No wonder psychics are insane!

I only realized this factor little by little. As the info came in, I’d run it by the relevant party, and they’d sit there, wide-eyed, saying, “That’s true. Yeah, that’s true. Uh huh – that’s true, also…”

And I’d nod, and – little by little – learn I was onto something. Something legitimate was happening, however hard it was (and is) to quantify. But only after ample practice did I realize the utterly collaborative nature of psychic readings. It’s a two-way street. It takes me; it takes you. But a great deal of practice had to unfold before I realized that the same way clients need me for insight, I need them to know that this is real.

Which brings me to a key point about being psychic: It’s hard for me to read my own life. At times I can; at other times I can’t. The reason I’m blocked in this regard is because my own life is so emotional to me. As a result of my life’s high-stakes emotion, when I try to read what’s around the corner on my own path, my mind starts begging me to produce a specific outcome. Of course I want the positive one and not the negative one. So the same faculties I rely on for objective psychic readings will give me a highly subjective positive or negative “prediction,” which is of little to no value. At first I thought this pattern meant I was a bad psychic. Then I read essays online and learned that many psychics experience the same thing: When we’re reading other parties, we’re cool and detached; the information therefore flows in smoothly and gently. When we’re reading ourselves, we’re too involved; the info breaks apart upon the rocks of strong emotions and desires.

So since I can’t be my own source of verification, I’m dependent upon the only other source available, which is YOU. Other people have to tell me if I’m hitting or missing. It’s not like being a pilot and landing a plane; when you’re a pilot, you don’t have to get the passengers’ approval as to whether or not you landed the plane or not. It landed! Everyone’s alive. You did it!

Here, communication is fundamental. In that way, the whole thing is rather beautiful. It shows how interconnected humans are. We’re in a latticework of connectivity, like lymph nodes woven and wired together in a nodal network. This isn’t always readily apparent, since our most frontal modes of perception highlight the fact that we’re individuals. And we are. But we’re also all components of the collective unconscious. The same way we all breathe the same air, we all swim in one great ocean of shared consciousness. As a psychic, I’m able to pick up things not just from your own localized mind, but from your grid of experiences: past, present, future. As I do so, I’m tapped in. I can “hear” my guides. They’re right here. I know what I’m doing.

But in the end, I need your feedback. I’m reliant on you to close the circle.

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