No Psychic is Perfect

No Psychic is Perfect

Nothing, and I mean nothing, drives me crazier than getting an element of a psychic reading wrong.

It’s not the norm. Most of what comes through tends to be accurate (I’d say 95% or more). Which is not to say I’m calm about the process. Quite the contrary, I’m often a nervous wreck about it! I think my guides won’t show up. I think every part of every message will be inaccurate. Then the reading begins and I start to interpret what the guides are saying and everything starts to click and flow and land. In general, I’m as relieved and mystified by the accuracy as the clients are. After all, I’m not the one generating the information. I’m more like a messenger or a go-between, dipping into what the guides have to say and reporting it back to the person being read.

So why, oh why, are there sometimes inaccurate details?

I have no idea. You can only imagine my frustration, as the details that don’t click seem as organic, stable, and legitimate as the (many) ones that do. I can’t flag them as being wrong. They don’t have a different weight or texture; they don’t strike a different note or vibratory chord.

I’m just wrong.

It could be that I’m misreading or mishearing the guides. And sometimes, wonderfully, I’m absolutely right, but neither myself nor the client knows it until weeks later. Then I’ll get a text from the client saying, “Guess what? That thing we thought you were wrong about? Well, as it turns out…”

Sometimes, in addition (not to sound defensive!), the inaccuracy is the client’s fault (hehehe). Sometimes the client asks a question only halfway, leaving information out. The guides don’t know everything; they can’t always account for what’s been omitted or distorted. This is why I tell people not to test me; it’s already enough work to process the question and bring it to the guides for their assessment; the added layer of penetrating or navigating a falsehood will likely distort the signal. So the client should be as clear and honest as possible. And the guides often request that the questions be asked simply and concisely, as well. For they are not living in time and space. They can understand what we are talking about, but for them to communicate with me efficiently, they have to catch the question like a lightning rod – which is to say, absorb it in its purest form – and work from there.

All that in mind, oftentimes it’s just me. I’m misreading the guides, or I’m unconsciously getting in the way of what they’re saying by bringing my own opinion to the table. This is why it’s important that I meditate daily: to keep my inner environment as “clean” as possible (quotes used because I still have many, many dirty thoughts). That way, when I read for people, there’s maximum room for all the info that we require to come through. 

I wish I had something less banal to say about my imperfections, but the truth is this: No human being is perfect. Psychics are included in that estimation. We, like everybody else, are flawed in what we do. This is not some nonsense disclosure by which I get off the hook for making a ton of mistakes; in all likelihood, in your reading, I won’t make any. But if I’m right about 7 things and wrong about the 8th, just remember that I’m not perfect. There are glitches in the stream at times. And sometimes, for reasons no one can know, certain questions simply defy answers. Some events are not devised to be predicted. In fact, although I think it’s rare, some people are impossible to read psychically! It’s almost as though, at the level of their soul’s design, they are not here to engage with non-local consciousness. They are here to trade in hard facts and info, along with what their five senses report to them, but their mind will simply never hear, know, or absorb anything that any psychic has to offer.

In all likelihood, however, that won’t be you. Most people, at a root level, can tap the divine. After all, at a root level, we are all divine. And our souls, they’re perfect.

Yet in human form, we are not perfect. And that means that all of us, psychics included. 

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