People can feel who you are

People can feel who you are

One thing I’ve learned while practicing the psychic arts is that all of us are reading each other – constantly, moment-to-moment, on the daily – on a level of pure feeling. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that that’s the primary way in which we’re perceiving one another. Naturally, I know that human beings are diverse in terms of how their perceptual faculties process information, but it seems to me that our shared, collective baseline of perceptual processing is simply The Way We Make Each Other Feel.

Ever met a person who clears a room? The person enters a social or work-related situation and begins to speak their mind. Little by little, everybody tenses. Then before long, one by one, everybody starts to leave. What’s “wrong” with that person (quotation marks used because we’re all made just the way we should be, for worse or better)? The answers to that question could be endless, but in all cases, there’s an unnerving dissonance between who the person is and the way they’re presenting themselves to other people. 

Let’s be careful here. Everybody has a gap between their external presentation and their internal environment. Yet for some of us, the gap is severely wide. Perhaps the person who clears a room is filled with desperate insecurity and self-doubt, yet presents as though they’re super-confident and assured. Other people – no matter who they are, or how they primarily process their external world – can simply feel that. It’s untruthful. It’s out of alignment with what is. And so they get up and go to another room – the better to feel more in alignment with the actualities of the world.

On the contrary (forgive the binary counter-example), some people simply draw others in. In the case of these people, they’re in greater alignment with the truth. “What you see is what you get,” as the expression goes. And I’m not talking about cheap magnetism, like when a con artist draws people in by telling them what they want to hear. I’m talking about deep magnetism – like when a person is so authentic and high-vibrating that other people want to pick up what they’re putting down.

This is exactly what I meant in the other post when I said that Abundance Favors a Clear Mind. A clear mind is a truth-oriented mind. A truth-oriented mind is a high-vibrating mind. A high-vibrating mind generates high-vibrating experiences. Being sought out by your fellow earthly souls opens up umpteenth avenues to a high-vibrating life. Of course you will not like everyone. And of course you won’t be everybody else’s cup of tea. But as you vibrate higher, you’ll open up energetic avenues all around you. Down those avenues will be potential, opportunity, and abundance. And none of the above can exist without positive relationships with other people.

Speaking of other people: they can feel who you are. They simply know. They often don’t know they know, but believe me – they know. They know when you’re shady. They know when you’re dangerous. They know when you’re generous. They know when you’re reasonable. They know when you’re faking. They know when you’re a mess. They don’t know all the same things at the same time or on the same level or in the same way, but however they get there, they absolutely know.

Since this is the truth of what’s occurring, and since it is to your benefit to be the best possible version of yourself, it is incumbent upon you to always be as truthful and authentic as possible. And the best time to start that process is right now – today. This second, in fact. The more time you spend lying, the more you’ll make it a habit. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself wondering why more avenues aren’t opening up to you. Why aren’t more people getting back to you? Why aren’t doors opening wider – or opening at all? You’re ready, you’re qualified, you’re eager, you’re nice, you’re available – so WTF?!

It’s because you’re out of alignment with your truth. And when that’s occurring, people can feel it. They’ll think you’re full of shit. But they won’t tell you that in words. They’ll tell you that by avoiding you and/or keeping their distance from you. And you’ll have trouble moving through the world because nobody will want to align with, help, uplift, endorse, or support you. And forget about anybody wanting to fall in love with you.

Note: I’m not talking about isolated lies. I’m not talking about choosing to withhold a harsh truth. I’m talking about Walking in Your Truth. Being aware of who you are, and not being inclined to conceal it when a light gets shined in your direction. Being able to say, with or without words, “Yes. This is who I am. And how it is.”

When you’re like that, people can feel it. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, when you’re not like that, people can feel it, too. 

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