Psychic readings are collaborative

Psychic readings are collaborative

Something I’ve noticed in the course of giving psychic readings is that the process is essentially a collaborative one, a team-up between the reader and the client. 

In other words, it’s something of a two-way street. The client should be as clear, open, and honest as possible (without compromising her comfort level) in the course of asking questions. Likewise, the psychic should aim for maximum clarity and openness. As far as honesty is concerned, the psychic should aim for as much honesty as possible, too, the only caveat being that if bad news or a warning comes through, I try to verbally frame it as an opportunity or point of awareness, so the session does not become grim or bogged down in fear (which is not only uncomfortable, but can also prevent the reading from being as clear as possible).

A way of explaining this in reverse is we should avoid approaching a psychic reading as a game, or game show. On the reader’s side, that means not devising tests or distorting information to see how good the psychic really is. If the question is designed to be unfair, the answer might be scrambled, incoherent, or just wrong. By the same token, if the client lies to “put her thumb on the scale” – that is, to induce an answer that is desirable or comfortable – then the answer will likely only be as valid as the question. I’m processing each question through spirit entities that don’t live in time or space or use human language; they are like an elemental lightning rod for truth, simplicity, and clarity. 

On the psychic’s side, it also pays to avoid a cringey game show atmosphere. At times, I’ve been tempted to become performative or read from my ego. This impulse becomes particularly acute when I’m being judged by a skeptic. I want to start throwing down as hard as possible, to prove to them that I’m legit. It can work, but it’s obnoxious! And even when the client’s not a skeptic, I try to keep the readings light and grounded as opposed to putting on a show. I’m not a magician or a hibachi chef. You came for the info, not for my (admittedly lovely) personality.

With a performative, circus-like atmosphere off the table, the three parties (meaning you, me, and my guides – although I have read more than one person at a time, which is fine, too) can focus on the real, deep goal: actual communication. That’s what we’re doing in a reading. It’s all about communication, and as in any other communication forum, honesty, openness, and clarity are essential.

I emphasize the collaborative nature of readings because the more a client works with me, the more fun, wild, and improbable the readings become. I’m not saying it becomes a spectacle! And I’m not saying you have to give me so much info that you answer every question for me before I do. Quite the contrary, the simpler and leaner the questions, the better – so long as you’re honest, open, and clear. For when you’re honest, open, and clear, the guides can really throw off sparks. They’ll start saying things that I couldn’t possibly have known. Sometimes they’ll say a lot of them, one after the other. And you’ll be over there with your mind blown, and more importantly (since you didn’t come for a performance!), with your faith in non-local consciousness expanded.

Which is another goal, beyond communication:

For me to show you how much knowledge and wisdom we can access from parts unknown.

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