Psychic Readings


You can access Eric and his spirit guides in the 4 ways listed below, or even request another format that works better for you; he’ll see if he can accommodate you, then determine the appropriate cost. 


During psychic readings, Eric and his guides are happy to answer questions about Relationships, Health, Finance, Career, Goals, Past Events & Traumas, and Anything Else that may be on your mind. He can also conduct Mediumship Readings wherein he reaches friends, loved ones, or other people you know who have passed on. In addition, Pet Readings are available. For Mediumship and Pet Readings, photographs of the person or animal in question are helpful, but not necessary. 


For most psychic readings, the best ways to connect are:


Phone Reading (30 mins: $100 – 60 mins: $150)


Webcam Reading (30 mins: $200 – 60 mins: $300)


Text Reading (30 mins only: $85)


Email Reading (no time element; send 3 questions & receive written answers for $85)


Note: for all psychic readings, come prepared with specific questions, as simply thought out and framed as possible, so Eric can process them quickly and clearly through his spirit guides