Eric Shapiro is a gifted practitioner. 

At times of great uncertainty, he has been able to tap into the spiritual realm and access information from spirit guides to give direction to their earthly counterparts.  I have asked Eric questions at several crossroads in my life and he has been able to deliver answers swiftly.  He is a rare person, extremely gifted in these reiki arts and healing and his visions are spot on. He has been able to do readings for me with such accuracy and savvy that I must highly recommend him with enthusiasm.


When I was pregnant my husband and I had gone through books of names for our baby boy and we picked one and forgot about it until Eric reminded us through spiritual guides that the name started with an “L” to which we both said at the same time “Lachlan.”  The synchronicity of his readings is astounding.  He also predicted that our son would be very strong which we believe he is as he toddles across the room carrying items that would be too heavy for a child of his age.  Eric also noted that he might be scared to come out with all the drama in our house.  Also correct! I am getting chills writing this if it is any indication of Eric’s gift.

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