When I first witnessed just how powerful and accurate Eric’s intuitive abilities were, I had just officially cut myself from a  very toxic person and situation and I had decided to turn to Eric for help.

At the time, all I needed to know was if I was safe. Not only did Eric immediately assure me that I was safe, but with little to no information on the person and situation, he was able to describe what the person looked like, how the persons mind worked, and predicted specific things associated with that person that would happen within 3 months. His prediction was spot on to the day. Eric graciously proceeded to give me predictions about the situation which were all extremely accurate. 


More recently, I had some issues with my career that lead me to feeling “stuck.” I turned to Eric looking for guidance, hope and positivity. Eric’s intuitive abilities guided me to the right resources. He also predicted a few job bookings that would happen within a month of our conversation. Since that month going forward, I have no longer felt “stuck” thanks to Eric. 


Shapiro is truly a gifted person who has never guided me down the wrong path. He keeps it real, to the point and always gives very specific details! 5/5 stars!!!!

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