I reached out to Eric during a period in my life where I was searching for clarity.

I reached out to Eric during a period in my life where I was searching for clarity. Without much detail given to him (I asked that my reading be centered around a vague question) Eric mentioned specific details of future events regarding my inquiry. At first I didn’t recognize some of the things he mentioned. However, weeks later, parts of his reading rang true. It was incredible!


On my 65th birthday, I had the opportunity of sitting with Eric for a reading;

 and he had a message for me from my mother, who had passed when I was 13. As I sat looking into his eyes and listening to his voice, I had a very powerful feeling. It was as if she was there. I could feel her standing next to him and looking at me. I will always remember that day. 


—Eva Pontillas

Eric allows for me to see my life in a different perspective.

He provides meaningful insight and clarity in an out of this world way that motivates me and gives me comfort at the same time.


He’s helped me cope with death, my health, my career and life decisions that has changed my world 10 fold. I wouldn’t be the person I am without this man.

—Chris Zamora, Milpitas, CA 

Eric Shapiro is a gifted practitioner. 

At times of great uncertainty, he has been able to tap into the spiritual realm and access information from spirit guides to give direction to their earthly counterparts.  I have asked Eric questions at several crossroads in my life and he has been able to deliver answers swiftly.  He is a rare person, extremely gifted in these reiki arts and healing and his visions are spot on. He has been able to do readings for me with such accuracy and savvy that I must highly recommend him with enthusiasm.


When I was pregnant my husband and I had gone through books of names for our baby boy and we picked one and forgot about it until Eric reminded us through spiritual guides that the name started with an “L” to which we both said at the same time “Lachlan.”  The synchronicity of his readings is astounding.  He also predicted that our son would be very strong which we believe he is as he toddles across the room carrying items that would be too heavy for a child of his age.  Eric also noted that he might be scared to come out with all the drama in our house.  Also correct! I am getting chills writing this if it is any indication of Eric’s gift.

—A.M. Atkinson, Florida 

Eric has been my friend for many years and I’ve always felt that we had a strong connection, so when I learned that he had tapped into his psychic abilities I wanted to experience them for myself.

His reading was not only framed in a positive way, but also resonated with me on many levels. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to gain clarity on their life journey. 


Eric Shapiro is a brilliant psychic.

His ability to relay messages from the other side is like no other. Not only does he deliver this detailed information with extreme accuracy, he does it with kindness. I’d be remiss not to mention, in addition to being in tune with humans, he reads our animal friends with precision as well. I highly recommend Eric for a reading. You will not be disappointed! 


—Sasha S. NY, NY

Eric is truly intuitive – so spot on!  Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eric Shapiro is a treasure!  So accurate and intuitive. I’ve never let anyone read me before.  I know I can trust what he sees. Very impressed! 

—Jamie Reich, Hugo, OK

I’m the biggest skeptic out there but when Eric offered to do a reading, my mind was blown because he knew things I never mentioned and his predictions were also very accurate.

He also did readings just based off photos of my friends and accurately described their personalities. It creeps me out a little but Eric is definitely a trustworthy psychic!

—Juria Hartmans, Malaysia 

When I first witnessed just how powerful and accurate Eric’s intuitive abilities were, I had just officially cut myself from a  very toxic person and situation and I had decided to turn to Eric for help.

At the time, all I needed to know was if I was safe. Not only did Eric immediately assure me that I was safe, but with little to no information on the person and situation, he was able to describe what the person looked like, how the persons mind worked, and predicted specific things associated with that person that would happen within 3 months. His prediction was spot on to the day. Eric graciously proceeded to give me predictions about the situation which were all extremely accurate. 


More recently, I had some issues with my career that lead me to feeling “stuck.” I turned to Eric looking for guidance, hope and positivity. Eric’s intuitive abilities guided me to the right resources. He also predicted a few job bookings that would happen within a month of our conversation. Since that month going forward, I have no longer felt “stuck” thanks to Eric. 


Shapiro is truly a gifted person who has never guided me down the wrong path. He keeps it real, to the point and always gives very specific details! 5/5 stars!!!!

—Morgan Moynihan, Sacramento, CA

In the time that I’ve known Eric Shapiro, we’ve formed a friendship that exists over remote locations – different cities, states and now countries.

And during that time, over the years, he will occasionally reach out with the most profound and timely insight and intuition into my life and my mind. Usually at times of personal turmoil and/or on the precipice of life changing decisions – he sensed these things happening – from across the country, across the world and reached out to give suggestions and guidance. He’ll not only give you a reading that makes you a believer, but it will also allow you a sense of comfort. I highly recommend getting a reading from Eric!



—C.S., Portugal