The Addicted Client

The Addicted Client

Every psychic has experienced The Addicted Client. This is the client who can’t get enough – who needs a psychic reading for every new situation and who’s experiencing a constant stream of dramas and upheavals.

I neither judge nor mock my clients. Quite the contrary, I’m always fascinated by and humbled to learn about their personal stories. But the addicted client responds to psychic consultation in a potentially self-destructive way: she becomes so enthralled by her access to psychic information that she begins to lean on it. And as she so leans, she begins to unconsciously seek out new scenarios that simply demand psychic input. Whereas before she had access to a psychic she might have let certain things slide or just play out on their own, now that she has a tool for pre-reading outcomes, she starts to overuse the tool.

This is not a positive scenario. 

In fact, human beings aren’t designed to over-rely on psychic readings. I’ve even encountered mystifying situations where my addicted clients want to use my psychic ability more than I do! Whereas I tap in throughout the day for this reason or that, I sometimes forget that the ability is even there, and simply go about existing as a mere meat-creature. But my addicted clients never forget; they always want more-more-more.

I’m conscientious about this. I cut them off. I have no hard and fast rule as to how many readings a given client can get, much less how often, but suffice to say, I know an addicted client when I see one. And when I see somebody dipping in too much, I reach over to cut off the tap, like a dutiful bartender. In fact, it’s often not up to me; my guides can be arrogant and difficult at times; sometimes they’ll simply get faded and stop answering. They’re especially prone to stopping when clients ask the same question more than once or twice. Oftentimes, the client asks again because she wants a different answer. But the guides have already answered. The client’s seeking further conversation or confirmation.

But the problem with The Addicted Client comes down to more than just overexposure or overuse. It’s actually a problem whereby the client is inhibiting her own personal growth. Psychic readings are a wonderful tool to set one’s path or gain inner clarity, but human beings are not designed to use them constantly. On an intuitive level, many of my clients know this automatically. They’ll come for a reading, be inspired and ignited, then go off and continue living out their journeys. I’ve even had clients say to me, “I’ll be tempted to come back for more, but I know that’s not a good idea. I’ll wait awhile, if I even decide to come back at all.”

This attitude stems from those clients’ fundamental awareness that we’re designed to live out our lives in all their natural difficulty. Unpredictability, mysteries, and suffering are all an integral part of every incarnated human being’s life experience. Even after one gets a psychic reading, one still has to wait and see if it was accurate; the suspense of living out a regular life does not go away. Quite the contrary, the suspense can grow even sharper as the clients wait to see if the reading was right.

This is as it should be. Life is designed around unknowables and unknowns. The addicted client seeks to lessen her anxiety by dipping in for constant psychic readings, but like with any addiction, what’s at first fun and satisfying becomes a burden. Their anxiety grows greater, not lesser. They need their psychic fix! They want no more surprises in their lives.

But life doesn’t work that way. No for me, not for anybody. More to the point, your soul doesn’t want predictability for you. On the contrary, your soul wants you to grow. And the only way you can grow is by experiencing the lessons and hardships and surprises and epiphanies and revelations that your life journey has to offer. These experiences imprint themselves upon you, deepening your awareness and essential wisdom.

Accordingly, I never indulge addicted clients. I can’t. I’d be inhibiting their growth and development, and worse yet, profiting while doing so. My guides aren’t here for that, and neither am I.

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