The link between psychic ability & the arts (Part II)

The link between psychic ability & the arts (Part II)

I’ve talked about how psychic ability is linked to the arts in terms of how both use intuition – or “thinking without thinking” – to draw from a greater well of consciousness and arrive at a deeper and more holistic truth. Here I want to highlight another key link between psychic ability and the arts:

The fact that both psychics and artists, in the course of doing their work, make use of their fundamental human insight.

Break the word down: “in sight.” Inner sight. The third eye. Mind’s eye. The place from which you can see things that your mere, plain eyes cannot. This is not unrelated to intuition, but whereas intuition is about what one apprehends immediately, insight is about “seeing in” – though like intuition, it’s about looking beyond the basic and the ordinary to perceive what is not quantifiable but is nonetheless still true.

But, to further parse the distinction: Intuition senses, insight sees. Intuition is delicate, insight is piercing. Intuition’s an antennae, insight’s a microscope. 

Intuition picks up a bad vibe about someone. Insight can lay out an entire character study.

Insight is as essential to the arts – psychic and otherwise – as intuition. 

In the arts, one encounters all kinds of artists. Some are humanity-oriented, others are tech-oriented. Others bear a fine balance of both. Yet when I encounter an artist with no interest in people, I ultimately no longer see an artist. Yes, there may be skill. Certainly, there may be talent. But it’s skill and talent in service of exploring aesthetics rather than exploring humanity. That’s not art, that’s marketing.

A beautifully made Coke commercial might succeed in making you thirsty, but it’s speaking to your body rather than addressing the more urgent matters of your inner self. It doesn’t aid you in waking up to yourself. Doesn’t urge you to point at the screen and say, “Yes. That’s how it is. And how I feel.”

A good artist brings insight. Picture the difference between an actor who speaks and acts naturally and organically and one who speaks stiffly and moves woodenly. The former is listening to and watching other human beings, then emulating them in a detailed, convincing manner. But the latter isn’t using insight; all they have, therefore, is artifice. No reality is tapped. No real truth becomes known, aside from the grating truth of their ineptitude.

Likewise, a good psychic brings human insight. In fact, we can delete the word “good” from the last sentence. All psychics are good psychics. Bad psychics aren’t psychic. Reason being, they’re not listening or watching. They’re not seeing to begin with, which leaves them ill-equipped to “see in” or see through.

I really think all great artists are psychic. How do great actors make you weep? How do great musicians make you dance? Simple: they’re psychic. They’re harnessing and sending out immaterial, unquantifiable transmissions. They might not be giving people psychic readings, or have any ability whatsoever to apply their psychicness to such a practice, but still, they’re mining reality for a greater, unseen truth, which processes to others at the level of spirit and emotion as something beautiful. 

For truth is beauty. And beauty is truth.

And artists and psychics exist to bring out both.

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