The Skeptical Client

The Skeptical Client

Not gonna lie: It’s hard to read a skeptical client. It’s not that I can’t read them; it’s that what I’m picking up is just so clenched and non-committal. They’re radiating a constant signal of “Is it real or is it fake? Is it real or is it fake? Is it real or is it fake?”

This tends to constrict the conversation. But how can I express such a thing without sounding like a con artist? Am I supposed to say to skeptical clients, “Just trust me, because if you do, you’ll get a better reading”?

Of course not. In fact, that would in all likelihood only make them more skeptical…

The proof is in the pudding. I just have to keep reading. If I get 9 good calls out of 10, I have to grin and bear it while they focus on the 10th, using its lack of clarity or accuracy to justify the skepticism they walked in the door with. 

Still, though, it pays to question skepticism. Note: I am not skeptical of skeptics; I know they exist, and I understand they have their points. But what is skepticism, exactly? Essentially, it’s a commitment to strict, observable materialism – that which can be proven through the five senses. Fair enough. We need people who walk around upholding that commitment. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say that there are some people who Can’t Be Read Psychically. They’re just not wired for it. The circuits aren’t open. I’ll try to tap in, but I’ll keep hitting duds. It’s not common, but it happens. My sense is that at the level of some skeptics’ incarnated beings, they’re simply not built to interact with non-local consciousness. In other words, before they were born, they didn’t sign up to experience any mystical stuff. Going further, maybe experiencing a psychic breakthrough would take them off their chosen path; maybe they incarnated in this lifetime to be a cold-eyed, ultra-proficient assassin, and don’t have time for woo-woo madness when they simply need to concentrate, aim, and shoot.

It’s all possible. But again, the paragraph above makes me sound like I’m scamming people. Like you’ll come in for a reading and I’ll very possibly say, “Uh-oh, looks like I’m getting everything wrong because you weren’t born for it!” How unfair and evil would that be?

No, here’s what I actually say to skeptics…

Do you love anyone? OK. How do you know?

Does anyone love you? OK. How do you know?

Now, skeptics can be fun; they might start even picking that apart. They might take your point and admit to not knowing if they love their spouse, or vice versa. But at a certain point, they have to concede that the nature of communal human reality is dependent in large part on faith and trust. Now, do people and the reality we inhabit dash our faith and trust all the time? Of course. But enough of the time, our faith and trust remain intact. Why?

They have to. It’s in our basic wiring — part of how we operate and what we do. 

A skeptic in love is only half in love. Imagine the doubts, the fights, the assessments, analyses, the long-winded, all-night-long conversations. They can’t be sure of the love. The whole conversation is therefore hinged on: “Is it real or is it fake? Is it real or is it fake? Is it real or is it fake?”

Skepticism, therefore, isn’t just a hindrance to psychic communication. It’s a hindrance to all communication. For it closes rather than opens, constricts rather than expands.

But I’ll still read skeptics. And it tends to work. Even if the walls contract again when it’s all over.

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