What is predictive is suggestive

What is predictive is suggestive

Something fascinating that I’ve learned while giving psychic readings, and something that I’ve never heard another psychic talk about, is that readings are not only predictive; they’re also suggestive.

In other words, when I present a prediction, I’m also making a suggestion.

The main objective is, of course, the prediction. And it’s not MY prediction; it’s my guides’ prediction. That’s what you came for. That’s what psychics (oftentimes) are here for.

But I’ve noticed that as soon as the prediction hits the client’s psyche, it becomes an active suggestion, also.

For example, let’s suppose I’m reading a client and the guides tell her that she’ll meet a romantic partner in two months. She’s of course excited and heartened, and on the lookout for what’s to come. 

But in the meantime, she’s also a quantum, vibratory being, who’s manifesting her own reality at every moment. That in mind, the moment she gets my prediction, whether she consciously buys it or not, she’s beginning to unconsciously manifest the reality of a romantic partner appearing in two months.

Then in two months, I’ll get the call – and voila; they went to dinner. Awwww.

But what really happened? Are we in a linear reality, marching toward a point two months from now where something new will happen? Yes and no. Yes because that’s how reality seems to us at the level of our basic perception and common sense. No because time doesn’t actually exist, and from the vantage point of our spirit selves, everything is happening at the exact same “time.”

Therefore, things don’t “happen” one after the other; we just perceive things that way. What’s really happening is that we’re vibratory beings whose outward realities are mirrors of what’s happening within us – at the level of tone, atmosphere, and actual occurrences. So when I drop a prediction into your vibration, I’m also planting the seed of a potential outcome, which your own vibration will likely get to work on making happen. In this way, readings are inspiring, whether the prediction is positive or negative at the surface level (which actually doesn’t matter as much as we think it does, because everything positive bears the seed of the negative, and vice versa).

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Does this mean Eric will just make up some good news for me, so my unconscious mind does the work of making it come true?

No! For one thing, I get all my info from my spirit guides; it doesn’t come from my own conscious materials. For another thing, my spirits guides can’t foresee anything that you’re not fundamentally already manifesting, or – to state it more plainly – “ready for.” So their predictions are predictions, 100 percent, though they are suggestions, too. 

Ones which your unconscious mind embraces deeply.

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