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The Psychic Arts Center was founded to explore psychic phenomena in a grounded, clear-minded, and matter-of-fact way, staying humble to the limitations of human beings’ awareness around the topic while remaining open to the presence of psychic occurrences in all our lives.


The Psychic Arts Center’s mission is to aid people, be they psychic or not, in exploring earthen reality with mental resources that go beyond the five senses. We encourage people to interact with this website and engage with us in a spirit of lightness, trust, exploration, and openness, all the while entertaining the notion that sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste are but five portals to everything that exists around us. 


It is the contention of The Psychic Arts Center that time and space, which depend on one another to be perceived and traversed by human beings, are bendable components of the life experience, insofar as we can transcend both – allowing our minds to know times that are “ahead” of us and spaces that are “beyond” where we sit or stand.


At The Psychic Arts Center, we interact with spirit entities who exist outside of our immediate earthly perception. These guides, who take the form of Silver Wolves, have expressed an eagerness to assist human beings in navigating their life challenges while granting them faith and comfort.