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Testimonials of
People Eric
Has Read

I had a reading with Eric.  It was wonderful and I enjoyed the experience tremendously. I felt safe and seen in a way that was very necessary for me in my life right now. 

—Tatyana Yassukovich

I can attest to Eric’s gift explicitly. He was gracious to share with me his abilities in a session a few months ago. Eric was not only spot on about things he couldn’t have known, things that he foretold are coming to pass.


—Richard Caines 

I had a psychic reading with Eric Shapiro yesterday. His descriptions of my family members who have passed on was so accurate, I am getting goose bumps as I am typing this. His insights to my relationship with one of them was so spot on, I felt such a sense of calm after our session.

—Bernadette E 

Eric, you were absolutely “spot on” during my reading! I am truly looking forward to my next reading!

—Annie O

In my reading, Eric’s gift was evident almost immediately. His accuracy and specificity was impressive, as he hit on many things we’ve never before discussed and he did not previously know. He so clearly comes from a safe place of decency, support, light and love, but also, in my case, once he was sure I was comfortable with it, also didn’t  sugarcoat some of the things I needed to hear.  An overall great experience. I recommend him highly.

—Greg F. Gifune

Eric – I was skeptical about going to a psychic- my religion and all. God only knows why it would be forbidden in the Catholic religion as you were so compassionate!

 Your demeanor was one of a dedicated and passionate person, really caring about me and telling me things that confirmed the truth and also offered me hope. Everyone at the gathering thought you were spot on. Your emotions said it all. Can’t wait for another session.

—Nancy, New Jersey

I recently had a reading from Eric. When he first looked at me he told me that I had angels around me. He also said that he saw psychic ability in me. I was told the exact same thing by another psychic a year ago!

My dad came through. Eric described my dad as being very conscious of the way he looked and was a fun and lively person. That was my dad! Eric also said that my dad was bothered by something that happened years ago. Eric said it was me as baby and he saw red all over me. I told Eric that when I was a baby a boy that was at our house pulled me out of the bassinet & bit me all over. I was full of blood and my dad found me.

This blew my mind especially since my mother or father would never talk about it.

Eric is the Real Deal.

—Linda, New Jersey

Eric Shapiro isn’t just a psychic, he is my hero. The last few months have been busy and I worried a lot about my family, the health of those close to me, my work…Eric was so on point and put me at ease. Thank you for giving me peace of mind! ❤️

—Agnieszka Cieplinska

My session today with Eric was deep yet fun! At my request we focused on one topic, I slowly posed a few questions to zone in a little more, and then it steam rolled from there.🚂💨 First, his guides already knew that I had literally cooked chicken no more than an hour before the call!😆 He also emphasized measuring/teaspoons and funny enough, I’ve been continuously working with those in the kitchen for the past few years and in fact, I decided to let them sit out on my counter the last few weeks for my convenience.💡🎯


Although I entered this for guidance on a specific area of my life, the reading took wonderful turns and veered to various aspects of the past for a broader view and understanding of why and how things are. My grandmother came through, as well as my aunt, and both offered their encouragement and assurance. This was so heartwarming, to know they are still close by cheering me on in life.💝 Eric was able to describe my grandmother’s former market business. He totally saw her enjoyment of being around people and the fun chaos, hustle and bustle nature of it all.🥰 He even said one of them was into really nice nails 💅 and that was my aunt!🤣


Many questions answered that brought clarity, guidance, and hope. We laughed, we understood, we aligned, and in between had sudden hits of being verklempt. I had to look up and wipe the tears.🥹🤧 The spirit world is filled with the most beautiful pure souls and they are closer than we think, even waiting to help us. They are still working and emitting love, guidance and blessings from the other side if we are open. So grateful to have met with Eric and connected with them.💖💫


—Nerizza Besabe Manongdo, Las Vegas NV

I was blown away by some of the things Eric said and knew.


—J. Manuel, Las Vegas

Eric Shapiro is a gifted practitioner.  At times of great uncertainty, he has been able to tap into the spiritual realm and access information from spirit guides to give direction to their earthly counterparts.  I have asked Eric questions at several crossroads in my life and he has been able to deliver answers swiftly.  He is a rare person, extremely gifted in these reiki arts and healing and his visions are spot on. He has been able to do readings for me with such accuracy and savvy that I must highly recommend him with enthusiasm.


—A.M. Atkinson, Florida

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve known Eric a long time, both as a friend and as an occasional collaborator.  I’ve only just recently had the privilege and pleasure of encountering his “psychic side.”  Blunt assumption – most people perusing this site have one burning, gnawing question: Is this guy for real, or is he full of sh*t?  Am I right?  All I can say is that if you’re open to the experience, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have a good one.  Eric’s readings are intuitive and insightful, and he brings a deep empathy to his interpretations of the messages received.  And, yes, for myself personally, some of his readings have included OMG, you-could-not-have-known-that moments and revelations that have solidified me as a believer in his abilities.  When it comes to matters of the unknown, or unseen, or even ineffable, the question is not simply, “is he right?” or “does he know?”  In fact, the real questions should be, “am I enriched?” and “have I been given worthwhile food for thought?”  Based on my ongoing psychic explorations with Eric, the answers to both are a resounding, YES!  His services are highly recommended.  


—PL, California

I knew Eric as a writer, filmmaker, vegan and loving family man for years. 

Eric the psychic snuck up on me about a year ago. 

Out of the blue, he felt called to let me know of an image he had of me in shoes that were way too tight they were almost deforming my toes. 

A few short days later, I’m skipping down the stairway of my apartment building and see my big toe peeking out the tip of my mesh sneakers. 

After a couple years use, the fabric was so worn my sock was visible underneath. 

I flashed to Eric’s message and something in me activated. 

I knew the move I was pondering would lead me to my highest path. 

A powerful instinct came over me; I had outgrown my current location (and circumstances). 

LIke too small shoes, in order to travel farther, I had to leave my current life behind–or risk deforming the future. 

Thank you, Eric! I’ve made the move and have never felt in such alignment IN MY LIFE. 


—Sara Gabriella, Southern CA

I write this testimonial – not as Eric’s friend, or fellow creator – but as someone who cares about quality products, meaningful connections, and truth. Eric has shown in every aspect of his life that he is a dedicated, hard working and creative individual who cares about serving himself, his family and his community. Yet, he has another gift, a gift that can also be used for healing. On several occasions he has unveiled details about me and those around me that could only be sensed through a deep, metaphysical connection with the world, allowing him to act as a portal. By following his inner guides, he is opening doors for new dialogues to take place about your/my/our existence. And I want to be part of that dialogue, because Eric’s precautions about my health were very real. I definitely would love to do more readings with him! 


—Shannon Callahan, Southern CA

While it is true I have known Eric for over 20 years, the depth and understanding that he brought to his reading with me is beyond any familiarity that you would normally share with a friend. He was able to call out personal truths dealing with both fears and hopes, especially as relating to my health. The accuracy and understanding was exciting and also heartwarming as he was able to say out loud and reflect on issues of the spirit, heart, health, work that no one knows or knew about me. Eric and his spirit guides dial into you and provide such a warm uplifting reflection to your soul. I can’t recommend enough.


—Bilvox Neidlinger, Boston

After learning that Eric has been well practiced in the energetic arts, Reiki and meditation, I was fascinated to find out that he has also developed his psychic abilities over the years. 

Through our natural conversations where we share about our lives, he generously offered to do a psychic reading for me in any area in my life where I was looking for increased guidance & clarity.

Eric provided his insights in a very caring and respectful manner that feels designed to empower my own decision making abilities. 

I have felt very supported by Eric’s listening ear and psychic-spiritual feedback, especially when making important decisions in my professional and personal life. 

A Def. Recommend. 


—L. Davidoff

When I first witnessed just how powerful and accurate Eric’s intuitive abilities were, I had just officially cut myself from a  very toxic person and situation and I had decided to turn to Eric for help. At the time, all I needed to know was if I was safe. Not only did Eric immediately assure me that I was safe, but with little to no information on the person and situation, he was able to describe what the person looked like, how the persons mind worked, and predicted specific things associated with that person that would happen within 3 months. His prediction was spot on to the day. Eric graciously proceeded to give me predictions about the situation which were all extremely accurate. 

More recently, I had some issues with my career that lead me to feeling “stuck.” I turned to Eric looking for guidance, hope and positivity. Eric’s intuitive abilities guided me to the right resources. He also predicted a few job bookings that would happen within a month of our conversation. Since that month going forward, I have no longer felt “stuck” thanks to Eric. 

Shapiro is truly a gifted person who has never guided me down the wrong path. He keeps it real, to the point and always gives very specific details! 5/5 stars!!!!


—Morgan Moynihan, Sacramento, CA

Eric Shapiro is a brilliant psychic. His ability to relay messages from the other side is like no other. Not only does he deliver this detailed information with extreme accuracy, he does it with kindness. I’d be remiss not to mention, in addition to being in tune with humans, he reads our animal friends with precision as well. I highly recommend Eric for a reading. You will not be disappointed! 
Sasha S.
New York, New York
I reached out to Eric during a period in my life where I was searching for clarity. Without much detail given to him (I asked that my reading be centered around a vague question) Eric mentioned specific details of future events regarding my inquiry. At first I didn't recognize some of the things he mentioned. However, weeks later, parts of his reading rang true. It was incredible!
On my 65th birthday, I had the opportunity of sitting with Eric for a reading; and he had a message for me from my mother, who had passed when I was 13. As I sat looking into his eyes and listening to his voice, I had a very powerful feeling. It was as if she was there. I could feel her standing next to him and looking at me. I will always remember that day. 
Eva Pontillas
Eric allows for me to see my life in a different perspective. He provides meaningful insight and clarity in an out of this world way that motivates me and gives me comfort at the same time. He’s helped me cope with death, my health, my career and life decisions that has changed my world 10 fold. I wouldn’t be the person I am without this man.
Chris Zamora
Milpitas, CA
Truly intuitive — so spot on! Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Eric Shapiro is a treasure! So accurate and intuitive. I’ve never let anyone read me before. I know I can trust what he sees. Very impressed!
Jami Reich
Hugo, OK
I'm the biggest skeptic out there but when Eric offered to do a reading, my mind was blown because he knew things I never mentioned and his predictions were also very accurate. He also did readings just based off photos of my friends and accurately described their personalities. It creeps me out a little but Eric is definitely a trustworthy psychic!
Juria Hartmans
As a professional wrestler, I can certainly blur the line between what's real and what's fake. And let me tell you: Eric Shapiro's psychic ability is NOT fake. He has shocked me and stunned me and blown my mind. Try out a reading with him to gain clarity and inspiration.
Lanny Poffo
aka Leaping Lanny and The Genius
Eric has an Intuitive gift that defies categorization. When one throws around words like “prophet” or “psychic”, they get tangled in either theological or cultural expectations that are problematic in experiencing what True Empaths like Eric have to offer…and that’s where Eric comes from; a place of Empathy and Love.
Greg Chopoorian
Actor/Performer, Martial Artist
I was hesitant at first to have Eric do my reading. Not because of questioning his ability, but of the outcome. I was so elated having completed the reading. His insight and compelling gift has enlightened me beyond what I ever thought imaginable Please know that after receiving his psychic reading my life has been more stable. I will continue to seek him out on a regular basis.
Rita Salinas
In the time that I've known Eric Shapiro, we've formed a friendship that exists over remote locations - different cities, states and now countries. And during that time, over the years, he will occasionally reach out with the most profound and timely insight and intuition into my life and my mind. Usually at times of personal turmoil and/or on the precipice of life changing decisions - he sensed these things happening - from across the country, across the world and reached out to give suggestions and guidance. He'll not only give you a reading that makes you a believer, but it will also allow you a sense of comfort. I highly recommend getting a reading from Eric!
Eric has been my friend for many years and I've always felt that we had a strong connection, so when I learned that he had tapped into his psychic abilities I wanted to experience them for myself. His reading was not only framed in a positive way, but also resonated with me on many levels. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to gain clarity on their life journey. 
I have known Eric Shapiro for over 20 years now. Our connection has always been a strong and unique one. Recently, though, he was able to tell me some important details and insight from a very dear loved one that had passed. My entire being lit up with the accuracy of his reading. I have gone back to him when I was feeling a bit lost, and yet again, he was so amazing with the details of my life that he truly would have no idea about (seeing as we live half a country away from each other). He and his abilities have brought me peace, filled me with love, and given me hope. I highly recommend you experience this with him.
Laurie Miller