Melissa St. Hilaire book interview

Melissa St. Hilaire book interview

The Psychic Arts Center recently had an opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with gifted psychic and talented author Melissa St. Hilaire about her new book “30 Real Signs from the Afterlife.” Join us below to learn more about Melissa’s insights into the afterlife and other psychic-oriented matters…

What drove you to write “30 Real Signs from the Afterlife”?

I’d been thinking about writing a book on my experiences with mediumship for a long time. I even started a handful of times but kept changing my mind about the title and direction. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write a memoir, a workbook of exercises, or include spells and make it more witchy. But then a publisher approached me, said they were looking for a medium to write a book on the afterlife, and asked if I was interested. I jumped at the chance! I have been teaching mediumship development, giving readings, hosting seances, and leading paranormal investigations for several years, so I’ve acquired a wealth of information and experience on the topic. I’ve seen spirits since I was a toddler, so I also had a personal take on spirit communication.

What’s the main thing you want readers to take away from the book?

My main purpose with this book is to teach everyone that they have the innate power to communicate with lost loved ones. You don’t need to call yourself a psychic, practice witchcraft, or even own a Tarot deck to have this ability. We’re all born with it, but many of us repress this extra sense as we learn speech and integrate with society. Some may even have a naturally stronger inclination than others, but we can all learn how to tap back into the spirit realm. In fact, most of us probably connect with the other side daily without even realizing it.

Are you finding that more people are open nowadays to the idea of an afterlife? 

I do feel like more people are open to the afterlife nowadays. Still, there’s always been a basic human interest in the dead, especially if you study ancient cultures and religions worldwide. In the Victorian era, spiritualism rose, which made seances and spiritual advisors trendy again. Then, society steered away from superstition back towards reason, swaying like a pendulum. However, I feel we’ve found ourselves somewhere in the middle.

There’s a societal drive to reconnect with pagan philosophies and old-world beliefs and a need for evidence and proof. I hope modern sciences will embrace the study of mediumship and psychic abilities to explore it further without immediate dismissal, which has been the case recently. One event that propelled us closer to that dream was the release of Project Gateway, a CIA study on paranormal phenomena like remote viewing and telepathy. It’s not that much of a leap to study life after death.

What was your own most recent afterlife encounter?

My most recent afterlife encounter was actually today. I was given a new Oracle deck ages ago but hadn’t opened it yet. I asked for a sign from my grandmother, then chose a card. The card I pulled was Calavera. My grandma’s name was Vera. Her cheeky way of saying hello!

Is there a recommended limit to how much we humans communicate with spirits? Can we lean on them too much?

Once we realize we can communicate with spirits, we can definitely lean on them too much. We have to remember that we’ll have an eternity to spend with them someday, but only a brief moment of life on this physical plane. It’s perfectly OK to want to ask for guidance or look for messages, but we should focus on being present and living in the now. I’d say a healthy balance of both works best. Honor your ancestors and other deceased loved ones not only by creating altars or communicating with them but also by living your best life.

Who are your spirit guides? How do they communicate with you?

I have one main spirit guide who works as a liaison for all my other guides and any spirit I want to reach. Right now, I have about four different guides that I work with under the main one, plus a host of fairies and deities. But my main guide, Azul, is my go-to spirit I’ve known for as long as I can remember. I have all the “clairs,” which means I receive information from knowing, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, and sensing. Azul uses all of them to send me messages, but I get sensations, visions, and sounds most often.

The very first time I remember clearly hearing them was in college. I was going through a rough patch and was crying myself to sleep. Suddenly, I felt something wrap around me, but nothing was there. Felt like wings. Then I heard a voice whisper close to my ear, “We love you, Melissa.” I felt comforted and unafraid. Everyone on my Jesuit campus who didn’t think I was crazy or on drugs dismissed the experience as simply hearing my guardian angel. But I needed to know more—what were angels anyway? Years later, I met this being again in a vision quest and have built a good working relationship with him since. It took time, training, practice, and patience, but it’s possible.

Would the world be a better place if more people were tapping into the spirits of those who’ve passed?

I sense so much compassion and understanding from those who have passed on and ascended that sometimes it’s hard to even fully grasp. No hate, no judgment, no politics. Just love. If everyone could experience even a tiny glimpse of that, I feel humanity would be much more supportive of each other and fight less. At least, that’s my hope!

How long did it take you to write the book? Was there a method that you used or a specific schedule that you stuck to?

I signed the contract in May 2022 and finished the book in July 2022, working nearly every day to complete it. The publisher had strict deadlines, so I wrote on their schedule, which might seem difficult, but it was precisely the push I needed. I tend to be a perfectionist and take a very long time to finish projects, especially if I’m only doing them for myself without any outside restrictions. However, when I’m on deadline and the pressure’s on, I deliver. 

Any other books of yours you’d like to highlight or talk about?

I have a memoir called “In The Now,” wherein I share my formative years in graphic detail, including early psychic abilities, that I wrote in my 20s and released a decade ago. However, it desperately needs a rewrite, and right now, I’m swamped with other projects. I also have a completed sci-fi book called Spaceship X’odus, inspired by the ancient astronaut theory, that’s been professionally edited and is ready to go, but I’m waiting for the right time to release it. I’m also in early pre-production on the second season of my popular web series “Secrets of the Craft” for Dead Air: Full Spectrum, and I have a couple more projects in the works for Spirit Realm Network and iHeartRadio.

Melissa St. Hilaire

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